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I want my touchpad to be cleaned. It runs like crap.


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Nov 4, 2011
Ok so I did a uninstall of android and I am going to do a reinstall, but when I browse my file system on the tp, there is a ton of folders still in there. For apps and all kinds of stuff, how should I go about cleaning this all out to free up all the space and remove any leftovers? Also I was thinking of installing 10.2, I just want it to work, I don't want to do reinstalls anytime soon. If there was a nice easy update button that would work without doing cleans first that would be ok also. I need it to have netflix working. Hit me with any info you might have. Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2013
running acmeuninstaller2 should fit the bill....for dirty flashing a new ROM, sticking with the same source is a wise choice as going from one build to another can yield bad consequences. I really recommended doing a clean install tho.

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