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Installing an app after deleting its apk using Bloatware removal tool

Wrichik Basu

New member
Sep 16, 2017
I'm working on Samsung Galaxy On7, Android 6.0.1-Marshmallow. It's unrooted.

My phone has a lot of apps preinstalled that I don't use, like Google Play music and movies and TV. I want to remove these apps completely as they use up a lot of space on my phone'so internal memory.

I found a tutorial (https://missingtricks.net/uninstall-system-apps-android-without-root/) on how I can remove such bloat ware without rooting my phone. However, my question is: if I completely remove the app files from my phone, then will I be able to install them later, if need arises?

For example, in my phone, MS Word and Excel are preinstalled, which is why I can't move them to sd card. If I remove the apk files, and later try to install it again, will I face any trouble, and will I be able to move it to the sd card?