iPhone SIM card to Nexus 5x problems with iMessage, uggggggg!!!! Can I get some help?


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Feb 11, 2016
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iPhone SIM card to Nexus 5x problems with iMessage, uggggggg!!!!

So here's the scenario: I have an iPhone 5s with ATT. I bought the new Nexus 5x to try out Project FI (it's ok, but figured I might just use the Nexus phone w ATT service. I have unlimited data plan). I wanted to take my iPhone SIM card and put it into my Nexus 5x, which I did. Problem is my texts are screwed up. I've heard you can just turn off iMessage and Facetime. Then I read you have to actually log out of iMessage, not just swipe it to off. So I did, but no luck with my texts still. Now the ATT girl says I may have to delete the existing text thread so its not still in iMessage format? So I can do that on my end, but the question is, if a friend has an existing test thread with me or I'm in an iMessage group test still on their phones, will I get the next test they send out? ANYONE HAVE AN EASY FIX FOR THIS!?!?!?!? Nobody has been able to categorically fix it. Apple is sneaky in the way they make it close to impossible to leave their ecosystem. More reason to want to leave. You leave our ecosystem and you won't receive any texts from your friends. And I hate to say it, but not knowing if I'm reliably receiving texts is actually a pretty big deal these days. So I can't sorta feel my way through this. Either it can be done seamlessly, or I have to pay Apple for yet another phone. Ugg.


Nov 3, 2015
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Re: iPhone SIM card to Nexus 5x problems with iMessage, uggggggg!!!!

Deregister the phone using that link will work. It takes up to 24 hours. I went through the same thing this fall when coming from iPhone. Pain in the ***. You may have to get friends and family to delete old text strings and redo them. It takes some extra work but its worth it. I hate Apple and Nexus phones are awesome.

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Jul 21, 2013
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iMessage... gets you everytime! I've forgotten to turn off iMessage but once you deregister it only takes a few minutes to correct itself.

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