is my battery bad or is this an update issue


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Jul 20, 2018
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ive got a galaxy s7 with verizon almost 2 years old. ive taken great care of this phone. Ex. i charge it with samsung supplied charger about 95% of the time, i got an equal amp rated car charger but i rarely have had to use it. and maybe about 5 times in 2 years ive had to use a friends charger that wasnt at the samsung charger level. never charged over night and rarely let it get below 20%. i know how batteries work and i wanted to make this one last so thats why ive treated this way. up until a week ago i could last about a day and a half and overnight itd only lose between 5 and 10%. well now my phone will randomly shut off, more often when battery is below around 50%. then around 30% it will die and battery will then be at 0%. it has shut off at 85 percent then when turned back kn it was at 50% a minute later. to me it sounded like a bad battery but i just searched the issue and a few ppl have had same issue and replaced battery but issue was still there after new battery. i honestly cant say if problem started right after an update, if i had to guess it seems like i get an update every 2 months or so. and has had lifeproof case its entire life(has gone through about 4 of them, not because it gets beat up but because lifeproof will warranty for just shipping cost and new cases are nice) it did start the same time i keep getting asked which message app i want to use.any advice? fyi ive dropped 25% in the 15 minutes of writing this...... also it doesnt charge as fast as it used to
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It really sounds like a failing battery -- sudden shutdowns as the battery gets below 30-40% can happen, depending on what you're doing on the phone. On the off chance it's a firmware issue, you could try using Verizon's Software Repair Assistant to reinstall it.

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