Is there a copy of the photos (from the SD card) in my android phone??

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Someone stole my SD card. The SD card in my android phone is now gone. Did my android phone save a copy of these photos (from my SD card) somewhere in itself? I myself didn't make copies of the photos to the phone but I am asking if my android phone automatically made copies of the photos from my SD card
(when the SD card was still in the android phone) and has it stored somewhere in that android phone. Is there a backup?

I also connected my android phone to my laptop computer when I still had the SD card. I myself didn't make copies of the photos (from the SD card in my android phone) to my laptop but I'm asking if my laptop computer automatically made copies of these photos? Are these photos from my SD card somewhere stored in my laptop computer? Is there a backup??? (I intended to move the photos from the SD card to my external hard drive but now I see my SD card is missing and I can't do that)

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! No, if your camera was saving photos to the SD card by default, it wouldn't have saved anywhere else, and a laptop wouldn't have automatically backed everything up just by connecting it. Did you have Google Photos auto-backup turned on? Go to on your computer browser and see if the photo is there.

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