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Kidding me??


New member
Aug 16, 2015
Yeah my Samsung tab pro 12.2 is stuck on a screen and saying firmware download encountereded an issue. Go to kies and come back and try again. Well when I hook a usb up to anything it will not recognize me. What to do? I'm at a standstill. Any help would be a big plus. Thanks


Well-known member
Apr 29, 2015
You may need to use Odin to flash the stock ROM. This site need to be registered, and the free one is Regular Download, slow but free.
Download firmware: T900UEUANK1_T900XARANK1_XAR - SamMobile

The main file is PBA, around 1.2 GB. You may ask more questions or search in this forum how to use Odin or put the tablet in Download Mode.
I assume you know how. I have no idea what you did causing this firmware upgrade failure. Flash the firmware only takes under 4 minutes.