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Nov 11, 2014
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Hi all!

Not new to the Samsung or Note line, just loved my Note 4 so much this was my first upgrade, got the Note 10+ and someone will have to pry this baby from my cold, lifeless fingers. LOVE this phone.

That said, I've run into one real problem, and I've run out of solutions. When using the "Ok Google" voice activation while media is playing (Play Music and Maps, normally), the Assistant activates, but it doesn't mute the media volume like it used to on my Note 4. I've tried checking settings, individual app settings... no dice. This is a pretty big issue for me since I drive for a living- my Google Assistant should get a paycheck. The problem seems extent no matter the audio feeds- it happens with my Buds, my BT reciever in my van, and when the phone is just on its own speakers/mics. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the patience. This was almost like getting an Android for the first time again, lol. I got a Tab S4 and my Note 10+, and I'm having to totally relearn a TON. My old devices were my Note 4 and my Note Pro 12.2.


Omg, I'm glad I'm not the only one on here who went from a Note 4 to a 10+! I loved my GN4 & it still basically did everything I needed. I was a holdout because of the permanent battery but figured it was finally time to relent and had been reading about the 10/10+ for months in anticipation. My trusty GN4 died in July (timing, ugh) & I found a mint one on CL for $150 to hold me over. Hadn't gotten around to upgrading and damn if I didn't drop it and crack the screen last week so necessity was the... I'd cracked my old screen when installing a new charging port last year so it has an almost brand new screen - I guess I'll make a good one out of the 2 once I try to extract what data wasn't backed up off the old one.

Just got my 10+ 2 days ago along with a free Note 10 for the wife to replace her S6 - Was able to juggle lines and take advantage of Verizon's $950 credit. She's clueless about the pen but didn't have a choice - Was going to get her an S10 but they changed the deal. I think she'll like the pen though once she gets used to it.

Agree - Having to learn a lot, including new terminology & haven't scratched the surface yet. Like you, so far I love it. I do miss Action Notes but I think there are other apps (? anyone) that will take its place and now there are so many more apps geared around the S-Pen. I wish they'd have kept the headphone jack, but now an excuse to get wireless earbuds with mics for making calls. Not crazy about the extra step to get the pen out either as I use it all the time (need to learn this whole gestures thing) but I get that it needs to be more securely held in. Also would like to be able to reduce the size of the icons - GN4 had 5 fixed across the bottom and 10+ only has 4. Guess I'll post a question but so far couldn't see how to do it. Maybe I'll start a thread for old Note users who finally upgraded.
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Feb 4, 2018
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Solution for the icons size…


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Jul 23, 2011
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would like to be able to reduce the size of the icons - GN4 had 5 fixed across the bottom and 10+ only has 4.
I have my home screen grid set to 6x5 in the home screen settings, with 6 fixed icons across the bottom. I've also got the screen dpi set to 600 in Developer Options, which makes everything more compact.

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