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Feb 23, 2019
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It is an app that informs and shares housework that spouses or family members do not recognize.

Showcasing all your time and effort.

For those who have had these questions.

“How much time is everyone pitching in on chores?”
“How much time have I spent on chores this month?”
“Who’s cleaning the living room this weekend?”
“Where are the nail clippers?”
“Whose birthday is it next month?”
“What events are coming up in 2 weeks?”
“How much is the tutoring fee? Did we already pay it?”
“What should we eat this week?”
“Can we make a simple meal plan this week?”
“Did we forget any school materials for tomorrow?”
“What’s left to buy on our shopping list?”
“What’s left to pack for our travels?”

Lesh can help you answer all these questions.

Things you can do with Lesh

① Manage housework assignment

Chores should be shared by all household members.
With Lesh, you can check and coordinate chore sharing and participation.
You can enter new chores or easily choose from a saved list.
Other than chores, Lesh can help manage all kinds of things that happen in a household.

② Schedule

Lesh can manage different schedules that you can search through between 1 and 14 weeks.
Events can repeat every day, week, month, and year and notifications can be managed down to the minute. Lesh can also accommodate the lunar calendar.

③ Fixed monthly expenses

Plan out recurring expenses like utility bills, tutoring fees, mutual savings, and congratulations gifts and easily manage them with a tap every month.
Write down planned expenses to check if your actual spending is more or less than expected.

④ Weekly meal plan

Enter a weekly menu or simply tap pre-set recipes to make a menu. You can also copy and paste menus from other days.

⑤ Locating objects

Take pictures of specific objects and add notes so you know where they are. Save time by avoiding looking around for them or having to ask where they are.

⑥ Checklists

Make checklists in different categories to manage your to-do list.

⑦ Purchase

You can manage what you want to buy and send a list of items to other mobile phones immediately.

⑧ Statistic

Housework / Participation / Expenditure / Diet can be statistically transmitted to other mobile phones immediately.

⑨ Convenient features

1) Enables immediate transfer of the current screen to another mobile phone or SNS or storage as an image file.

2) All family members can install Lesh on their devices so they can get real-time updates and use the app together.

Lesh listens to its user's needs. You can use the “Support” function within the app to ask anything you’re curious about and we will give you detailed help. You can else send feedback on things we could improve on and we’ll work to make changes for a better app experience.

Download Lesh on Google Play


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