LG G5 stuck on Fastboot Mode cannot Factory Reset


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Jul 16, 2018
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My LG G5 went into Fastboot mode for no reason, it was fine one minute and the next time I pulled it out of my pocket it had entered the Fastboot screen, I have tried the following to no avail:

- Removed battery waited a minute and reinserted....opened in boot screen,
- Held volume button and power button and got into factory reset function and pressed yes to reset.....it then returned back to boot screen.
- Plugged into PC, and typed Fastboot devices in CMD, phone is recognised here,
- USB debug will probably not be activated on my phone either.
- Is this a Battery problem?
- Is there a way to reboot without wiping all data as I had not backed my phone up as I didn’t expect this to happen!

Thanks in anticipation of your help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I suspect that - somehow - the system partition got formatted. Unless the phone is rooted, there's not much you can do. (If it's rooted, you can use dd to pull the whole userdata partition and - if the phone isn't encrypted - use PhotoRec to pull the files off it.) But wait to see if any other users weigh in here. And if no one does, see if your local repair shop has any ideas.

Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is to flash the stock firmware, which doesn't have any of your data.

(The reason to back computers up is because we don't expect them to fail, but it's not a question of whether they will, but when they will. All devices will fail, get dropped in front of a rolling truck tire [attached to a truck], get dropped in water, something.)

Eric Galt

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Jan 28, 2019
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This same thing just happened to me ... I have flashed before but not when the phone was a brick ... I started to follow a couple tutorials but when I hook my phone up to my pc under device manager is just shows up as "lemobile android device" ... lg flash tool con't seem to make a connection ... I've installed the latest drivers... I'm not sure where to go from here ... any help would be great!


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Jun 29, 2019
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What is the solution to this issue?
If it possible and how to push original (H83120a_00_1118.kdz) image back in the unit if windows cannot detech the usb port?
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