LG Urbane 2nd edition AT&T on Verizon


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Mar 19, 2015
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Can anyone suggest how to use my watch from AT&T on Verizon? I was told by tech support over the phone that it would work. Then I was told by sales rep in store it would not.
If it cannot be done, I would be looking to sell it. Can anyone suggest a website I can do this on? I've only had the watch about 6 weeks. So even though it's been out for awhile it's still new to me. Any and all suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


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Jan 28, 2011
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If you must use Verizon as watch's cell provider, there is no way to do that (being a CDMA provider (Verizon and Sprint), you should already know that you can't use anything other than the one from your provider). But you can:
1. Use it without cell service and connected to your Verizon Phone via Bluetooth.
2. Use another GSM providers SIM for watch cell service while still connect to your Verizon phone.

There are multiple threads here already about the #2 . Look it up.