Locked phone by either Kaspersky security or security in phone

Angela Logan

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Dec 31, 2016
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I decided to try Kaspersky Internet Security on my Pixel XL that I just got a month ago. Today I decided to uninstall it. Oops, I forgot that I wasn't suppose to do that.
At first a green background came up and said to choose unlock phone with pin or forgot pin. I thought I new it, but when I clicked to enter the pin - it does not appear to be asking for the Kaspersky pin I set up because the screens are no longer the same. Help pages show different options when Kaspersky lockout appears which are no longer there.
I didn't have any kind of password or pin to get into my phone on a regular basis, all I did was swipe. I tried locking the phone, locating the phone, making the phone ring to no avail through google. Is there an admin pin that is already set since I never created one?
I've rebooted the as well and nothing new happens. Still locked out.
There is an option on Kaspersky's site to disconnect the phone, but I was afraid to try that without checking with someone at Kaspersky in case that it messes things up any more.
Would appreciate any advice.

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