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Hi guys, I want a buy a new phone (I would be upgrading from a LG - Nexus 5) but I'm kinda struggling as a newbie to the phone market. I asked a local seller but he had trouble giving me any meaningful recommendations.

Features I'm looking for:
- Good processor & RAM. I want to be able to browse/chat/switch tasks without any lag.
NB: I'm not planning on gaming much so I don't care a lot about rendering capabilities.

- Smaller-end screen. I know for many people, bigger means better, but to me, I'd rather have smaller sized phone that can easily be used with 1 hand. The 4.95-inch of my Nexus 5 was perfect.

- Plastic casing ? One thing I loved about my Nexus 5 was that I didn't need an external phone case. The non-slippery plastic casing meant I could very easily handle it with one hand, and drop it without cracking the entire screen. (everything I've tried in-store is so darn slippery...)

- MicroSD slot OR at least 32GB of storage.

Concerning the price range, I'm not particularly on a budget. I'd rather pay more and be satisfied.

That's pretty much it. Finger ID, camera quality, etc. are cool features, but they don't matter much to me in the end.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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