Malware or Virus, I have no Idea what to do next.


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Oct 8, 2018
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"I really need someones help with a virus or malware, that seems to be attached to all of my devices. I started having issues about 3 weeks ago, in my phone, it seemed like a redirect virus at first. But since my work deals with other peoples personal info, I couldn't chance it, To be safe I went back to using an older phone I had.

It's also in my Tablet and my chrome book.(Yes I'm aware chrome books cant get virus but somethings not right. Even when I sign in under guest mode Attached is the pic of the message I got when I tried to log into google) I'm also attaching a pic of when I sign in under guest and go straight into Task manager and this is whats running but most of them go away, I'm guessing because I'm not signing in with my Google account.

When this issue first started on my phone I ran the certificate and its says it is only valid for about 2_4 months

I cant afford to miss any more time from work and I cant continue to not be fully functional at work either because of this. And I also cant afford to replace every one of my devices. I often use my hot spot to connect, and my data is through the roof and its only been 9 days since my new plan went into effect.

I've disconnected every app I don't use at least the ones I was able to. But they would still show up in the background. So I stopped as many this from unnecessarily running of as I could without causing any additional issues.

It some how attached to my alarm on my phone and delated all of my alarms tones, TWICE causing me to be late for work. First I though I was crazy, then I installed an app that ran the report, on my phone and the report shows these alarms are cancelled.

I downloaded a OS monitoring app before I started blocking and disabling things in my phone I had 308 processes running or trying to run and I've attached the pics of the addresses running in the firewall I added. I have Amazon disabled as much as I can and I don't have facebook installed or opened on my phone, but the addresses link to both of them and cloudfront.

There's NO WAY I can continue to manually block these. I'm attaching a few pics and the report link, if someone have any info that could help me through this.

This site will not allow me to hyperlink or attach parts of the report. If anyone wants to see it, I can send it to you another way.


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