Misbehaving photo transfer from camera card to tablet


May 27, 2017
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I have a camera with a 2gb memory card and a Samsung Galaxy A tablet.
And no, I do NOT have a smart phone.
I will be traveling soon and tried an experiment because I want to transfer photos from camera memory card to tablet and then share them.

This morning I took a few photos with the camera, removed the memory card and connected it to the tablet. The photos showed up immediately on Quikpik which is what I was hoping they would do. From there I was able to view them, then select some and share them

I then put the card into my new hp pc with Win 10 because I wanted to remove the trial photos. The card showed not only the photos but it also had 2 other files on there, one of which was Android and I did not note the name of the other one,
I deleted everything to keep my card clean.

I took some more pictures, repeated the process, but this time the photos did NOT show up on QuikPik. So I used a fresh card - same thing.
When I put the fresh card into the pc - there were now 3 files: Android, DCIM and Lost.DIR and the photos were not actually on the card like before, they were in a folder in DCIM.

Question is, why did photos appear in QuikPik the first time and not later when using the same card?
And, when I switched to a fresh card, why did that not work either?
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Feb 12, 2012
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QuickPik, like any other media app, gets its list of files from the database that Media Scan runs when you start (or restart) the tablet. But it probably needs /Android and /Lost.DIR on the card (they're specific to Android). So don't delete them.

As far as the pictures showing up in /DCIM, that's normal for Android and for digital cameras - it stands for Digital Camera IMages. If your camera doesn't use it, that's the fault of the camera. (But the tablet should see the pictures in any folder, as long as you've restarted the tablet after putting the pictures on it. Copying pictures to the tablet, then looking for them, without restarting [or running an app like media.Re.Scan] won't show them.)


May 27, 2017
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I found that I can navigate to the photos on the memory card inserted into my tablet (even though that first time they showed up in QuickPik like I hoped) and they are indeed in the DCIM folder, BUT, there does not seem to be a way to move, copy or import them into the tablet.
What i am saying is that after I locate the pictures on the memory card, I cannot seem to move them to the tablet as there is no option or function to do that.
The options I have are Edit, Share, Create folder, Get more space, Settings
AND, the darn memory card keeps disappearing off the My Files list, in the middle of me looking at them!!!

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Try using a different file manager app like Total Commander or Files by Google, which might have a more intuitive interface.

Also, are you physically inserting the card into the tablet, or are you using a USB card reader plugged into the tablet's USB port? If you're using a full-sized SD card in the camera, then this is clearly what you'd have to do, and USB readers can be temperamental when used with Android devices.

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