Mobility Network Standby Battery Drain?


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Jul 26, 2018
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I have a htc U11
Two days ago I was charging my phone. After it reached 100% (I was setting tile so I didn't see at what point it reached 100%) it started this horrible beeping nose and I had a pop up that said there was something wrong with my usb c Port (I'm not sure if the exact wording). I wanted to test it when I got home (4ish hours later). So I plugged in my phone again to see what would happen (by this point the battery had draind by around 50% or so, all my phone had done was sit on the counter. No music, not talking, not watching videos, nothing) and it started beeping at me and gave me the same warning. I tried my husband's charger (Samsung) and it charged it just fine without any warnings.
Since this first happened though (as noted above), I've had horrendous battery drain. When I look at the battery statistics it appears to be the mobile data standby. I am a tech dunce. Someone please help!!!
(So I posted this twice, I didn't have an account when I posted the first time and then I made an account so this is my account 😜)