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Feb 13, 2011
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OK this is gonna take awhile and be kinda hard to follow but it is worth a chuckle or 2 along the way. I am gonns start it with walking into vzw this am @ 9:00 am.

So I walked in and my rep had everything out for me, after we get everything ready I told him to just bill it to my account and I will just pay it once bb refunds my $$$ from the gift cards I am returning after I leave vzw.

I get to bb and the woman behind the counter tells me they cannot return gift cards, since they are considered consumables.

So i go back to the vzw store and return that zoom and they charge me a 70.00 restocking fee even though i never touched it or took it out of the box, it was only out of the store for 20 minutes.

Back to bb to pick up the xoom there, the agent helping me is this 18 year old girl that keeps getting text messages which she reads but doesn't reply to. Apparently whomever is texting her doesn't like being ignored and he calls her on the desk phone and she talks to the person for about 5 minutes and then says she is helping a cx.

I tell her to go ahead and activate the 3G with the 1GB plan. So she says its all ready to go and we take it to the register and i give her my gift cards and the folio case and i tell her i want to use my reward zone coupon and she has to go find a manager to make sure i am allowed to use that coupon with gift cards.

I finally get out of the store and head to microcenter even though i know the way i decided to use the navigation, i get a message stating no network found. She didn't activate my data so i turn on the wifi hotspot on my DX and off i go. I figure i will call vzw later and get it fixed. When i stop to eat i call vzw, the agent Dev was super nice she gave me my 70.00 restocking fee back and waived my activation fee.

I guess everything worked out ok but at the time.....

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