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My experience with Bluetooth

Joshua Luther2

New member
Sep 22, 2014
I wanted to share my experience with Bluetooth on my Verizon LG G6.

Coming from an LG G4 the Bluetooth was horrible on that device. I rarely used Bluetooth on the G4 because the range was horrible and the battery life sucked pretty much on both the phone and the headphones that I was using. I'm currently using a cheap pair of bluetooth headphones that I got from AliExpress for like $11 and the range on them is really great and the battery life lasts me all day at work listening to podcasts and music for 6 to 8 hours. I still don't watch video using the Bluetooth on my phone because there's a syncing issue between the video and the audio. But I have yet to kill these headphones.

I haven't really measured how much more battery the Bluetooth headphones use compared to not. But so far I'm very impressed with the Bluetooth on this phone.