My Galaxy S2 wont start up. It only strobes flashlight when i hold the power button. Please Help

Sebastian Carroll

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Mar 24, 2014
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Yesterday I was driving home from school and texting my girlfriend using kik, I locked my phone and put it in my pocket for about 3 minutes and when I checked to see if I had any messages it was shut off. The battery wasn't dead because it was at 70% when I had checked it last. When attempting to turn the phone on, it would not vibrate, the screen wouldn't turn on but the flashlight on the back would flash like a strobe light. I am the second owner of the phone and it had been dropped a few times before I was given it but there was never any problem. I purchased a case for it but did not have it on at the time since the weather has been getting hot. Is there a reason behind the sudden shutdown? I have checked other forums and searched for hours with no result. I have not seen this on any phone i have ever owned and cannot find anything online that is the same. the only thing that is similar is people get a "bricked" phone but their screen still turns on. Is there any way for me to fix this problem? Has anyone encountered anything like this before? What exactly has happened to my Galaxy? Any help with fixing my phone would be fantastic, if my phone is done and i must buy a new one, that is a bummer. if there is any way to pull information and files off of the phone if it is dead, help with thata would be greatly appreciated.
thank you everyone who helps.


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Feb 21, 2013
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Seems like a hardware issue at this point if the phone refuses to turn on but it does respond by flashing the LED so we know it's working to an extent.

Other than that, I'm pretty unsure. You may have to replace the device as it's definitely bricked but seems to be a partial hard brick (hard brick is a hardware related issue and usually means you can only replace it as the unit no longer functions) as the LED still functions.

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