Need a call blocker hang-up for the S6


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Jan 20, 2016
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I'm talking about a call hang up for numbers I have pre-selected.
I don't care about sending unwanted calls to voicemail, I prefer the hang-up method. However, a past system update disabled this feature on the app I used, Extreme call blocker.
Just wondering if anyone has a successful app for call hang up.
Thanks in advance

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Check with your carrier to see if they offer any call-blocking features that are based off their network, not the phone. I remember that Verizon would let you choose maybe 10 numbers to block completely, but not sure if they still do that.


Dec 9, 2012
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i am using the built in call blocker and it does the job
its in the phone app, more, settings, call blocking, block list

The stock phone blocking just sends the call directly to voicemail. This may be an Android issue as I read that's what broke the hang up feature on the Extreme Call Blocker app. Why the hell would anyone want a blocked call to be able to leave a message??? That completely defeats the purpose of blocking a call. Thanks. I really want to have to go to my voicemail and delete the last half of the Robocall message that got recorded or automatically confirm to every spam caller that my number connects to a live voicemail, so by all means keep calling in hopes that I answer.