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Alexis Russell

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Jan 8, 2014
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Ok so I love to make gifs and post them to an app I have to show to my friends. I have recently found a new app to not only make gifs but make it easy to upload to my friends. Now here's where the fun starts. I went in to the first app and went to upload a gif, the "complete action using" thingy popped up and the gif maker app was listed as an option which I was happy about of course. So then I decided to click "always" for that app for I knew that I would most likely be using it in the future. So I tried to upload it but the gif maker glitched and stopped working. Just to be safe I earlier saved the gif to my device so it is now dabbed in my gallery. But I had already chosen that the gif maker would be the app that I would always use. So what I need help on, is figuring out how to change that. Make it so that I can access my gallery when using the sharing app.
Hope this makes sense!

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Mar 24, 2011
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This can be fixed by going to Settings/application manager/app that you said "always" to, and then scroll down and Clear Default. Hope this helps.

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