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Aug 5, 2013
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I've been having trouble getting my tablet to connect to my Razr M wifi hotspot. So I found a new file and installed it. The file is a zip file I copied the zip file on my tablet as well as the wpa_supplicant file in the zip file to my computer. Then I dropped the new version into my tablet. It failed. All it did was break my network which is now stuck on "turning on wifi" So I put the original files back. But that hasn't changed anything. My network is still broken. I've tried rebooting, clearing cache, clearing Dalvik cache everything to no avail. Can anybody help me get this network back without a hard factory reset? If I do a reset my device ID will change and break some of my games. I backed up all of the system files but that was after the network broke. I was trying to back up the device ID. That way I can use Titanium backup to restore it and get my games back. But from what I've read that may not be entirely helpful.

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