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Jan 3, 2010
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Hello guys I just recently bought this samsung moment and before this I never have a phone like this one all my phone were plain phone and I need help how do I use this phone I know how to do basic stuff but, someone had told me something of home brewong apps and hacking the phone to cuztomiez it to you know need and making it look real cool so, if any anybody can teach me how to really use this phone that would be grate


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Jan 5, 2010
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uumm click the icon that says market.. choose a section.. scroll through the list.. single clicks give a desription. clicking ok shows what the app will access on your phone. file wise. clicking ok again will download said app..

the hardest part of the whole thing is this.

all andorid apps do not work on all android phones.. there is obviously diffrent hardware in each of the diffrent phones from each of the diffrent manufacture's so the apps have to be "tested " and rewritten ( updated) for each phone. so if you get one and it dosnt work. by all means go back to the market and click the email creator tab and let them know specificly what the issue is with your app. they will probably fix it.

ok the first "dude" in this thread said hack the phone to make it work better. while that is entirely possible. i highly recomend that you just try the apps first. im quite certain thats what your friend meant.

by all means please just do not not try any apps if you have a moment. if you never try any of the apps you wasted the moment.

its meant to rock and roll.. and do stuff.

if you have no idea what app to download when you click on the market tab.. choose search.. and enter speedtest..

this will give you the app..

and its usefull and cool all at the same time..

this is my .02$ worth..

Cory Streater

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Sep 21, 2009
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I'm new here and wonder if there's a page somewhere on android basics?

Sprint has a pretty cool support page for the Samsung Moment, complete with videos, tutorials, user guides, etc.

We have a dedicated help and how to section that can help answer some of the more common Android questions. We are also working on more of a generalized FAQ for new users like yourself, so look for that soon!

Last but not least, welcome to the forums!


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