Nexus 4 Best Apps [28Dec - Xposed Framework, Gravity Box, XblastTools & AppOpsXposed]


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Dec 6, 2012
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Just posting good but maybe not so well known apps that people may find useful for their Nexus... I see many threads with questions/problems people have that can be easily solved with brilliant apps people have created.

Please feel free to add suggestions. Also let me know if you spot any errors and leave your opinions on how the list could be displayed better.

  • 3DMark, AnTuTu Benchmark - Android benchmarking tools
  • A.I.type Keyboard - Great keyboard replacement. Trial Version - Text prediction only available for 14 days.
  • ActiveNotifications - Screen turns on when notification is received and displays information about the notification. User can either attend to or leave the notification. Features include screen not lighting up when inside pockets, purses, etc.
  • ADW.Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher - Highly customizable homescreen replacements
  • Agenda Widget, Simple Calendar Widget - Highly customizable calendar widgets.
  • AirDroid, AirDroid 2 Beta - Wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser.
  • AirPush Detector - Find out which applications are sending spam ads to your phone
  • Amazon Appstore, App of the Day, Getjar - Get free paid apps every day
  • Android Central Forums - Tapatalk style app for Android Central
  • AnTek Quick Settings - Quick settings panel with a lot of customization.
  • Appy Geeky - Brilliant app for keeping up to date with the latest tech news.
  • Auto Text Keyboard Lite - Works just like auto text on Blackberry
  • AutomateIt - Make your life easier by automating various tasks on your phone.
  • avast! Mobile Security, Lookout - Offers essential protection against all the bad stuff that can happen to your phone, like malware & viruses, loss and theft.
  • Battery Test Utility - Measure battery statistics with respect to video, audio playback and internet browsing.
  • Battery Widget Reborn (Beta) - Beta version of popular battery widgets and stats app.
  • Bluetooth File Transfer - Use your smartphone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device.
  • Box - Sync files with your phone and the cloud. Free 50GB storage for Nexus 4 users!
  • Carbon - Backup and sync Android applications without the need of root access!
  • Changelog Droid - Shows the change logs for all your apps in one place so you can keep a track on what changes were made in apps latest updates. Can also check for updates and lets you stop apps from updating.
  • Clean Master - All-in-one cleaner app on android for cleaning app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps.
  • Clipper - Clipboard Manager
  • ColorNote, Note l!st - Notepad and memo apps
  • CPU Spy - Display the time the CPU spends in each frequency state.
  • DashClock Widget, DashClock Extensions - Must have replacement lockscreen clock widget. Also download extensions such as Twitter, Whatsapp etc.
  • DCikonZ, Icons?, MetroStation Icon Pack, MIUI X4, MIUI 5, MIUI v5 - Popular icon packs to use with homescreen replacement launchers.
  • Desktop VisualizeR - Ability to change icons and widgets while using the stock launcher.
  • Dropbox - Transfer and share files between your device and computers, as well as the dropbox website.
  • Easy Controller - iOS 7 like control center. Open the controller to access switches and buttons to perform various tasks.
  • ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager, File Explorer - File manager/explorer apps
  • Eye In Sky Weather - Clean, simple and beautiful weather widgets.
  • Executive Assistant - All in one interface for quickly viewing your text messages, phone calls, emails, calendar, tasks, facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Fancy Widgets - Highly customizable homescreen widgets
  • Fast Reboot - Simulates a reboot by closing/restarting all core and user processes and thus frees up memory.
  • Firefox - Alternative browser, works with flash player plug in.
  • Flash Player - Flash player plug in for Android. Doesn't work with Chrome.
  • Floating Notifications - View your notifications for any app through a floating icon. Similar to facebook chat heads and halo feature by the PA team. (Trial Version)
  • Floating Toucher - Floating button will open up your customized selection of switches and shortcuts on top of the current app you are in. Similar to assistive touch from ios.
  • GBookmark - Creates Google Bookmarks that can be used in any browser as well as Chrome.
  • Glovebox, ReLaunch, SwipePad - Launch any of your apps without having back out of your current app.
  • Glympse - Useful tool if you need to quickly share your exact location with someone.
  • Google Keep - Official Google Notes/Memo App
  • GPS Test - Utility that shows GPS information read from your phones internal GPS.
  • Home Switcher/Manager - Easily switch between your different homescreen replacement app. Also allows to change the default homescreen replacement app.
  • Image Color Picker - Detect a specific color, great tool for Paranoid Android preferences.
  • IP Cam Viewer Basic - View, listen, control, record your camera/Nvr/Dvr/Webcam
  • Iron Man 3 - Official Iron Man 3 game.
  • Key Ring Reward Cards - Store all your loyalty/rewards cards in one place.
  • KeepSafe - Lock away your private pictures
  • Kingsoft Office - Mobile Office App
  • Knock2+ Lite - Get stylish notifications to your lockscreen.
  • Light Flow Lite - Take charge of your notification LED. Also has the ability to turn on screen and flashlight just like iPhone, popups and also vibration settings.
  • Lock Screen Notifications Widget - Display, read and access all your notifications straight from your lockscreen. Also configurable to light up everytime you receive a notification.
  • Lux Lite - Incredible auto brightness app that lets you change the settings for screen brightness in certain light conditions. Can also go below 0 brightness, brilliant for late night reading!
  • Minimalistic Text - Highly customizable widget app to display information in a minimalistic way.
  • Nexus 4 Guidebook - All you need to know about the Nexus 4.
  • NFC Task Launcher - Used to pair your phone with NFC tags.
  • Now Playing - Beta version of the Now Playing Music Player app. Great comments and feedback. Soon to be released on the playstore.
  • Permission Manager - Access the hidden app ops menu screen with this app. Manage individual permissions for each app. Only works on 4.3 and no root needed.
  • Pie Control - Navigate and access shortcuts through a customizable pie control.
  • Pocket - Saves webpages you want to read later in a nice, clean format. Viewable even without an internet connection.
  • PocketCloud Remote, Splashtop 2, TeamViewer for Remote Control - Remotely access computers from your android device.
  • Power Toggles, Widgetsoid - Advanced power control widgets. Options to display in the notification bar pull down, homescreen and also supports 4.2 lockscreen widgets.
  • Say Cheese Camera - Use your voice to take pictures as well as other great features.
  • Screen Filter - Applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure your eyes don't hurt.
  • Smart Lock Free - Ideal for showing off your brand new Nexus without people ending up in your messages and gallery.
  • Smart Statusbar - Use gesture to reveal your notification bar in full screen apps/games instead of having to leave the app/game to check your notifications.
  • Smart WiFi Toggler - Automatically switches off WiFi completely when in an area of no known WiFi hotspot and switches back on when entering an area where there is a known hotspot.
  • SMS Backup & Restore - Backup and Restore your phone's text messages. Options to select which conversations to backup and also option for password protection. Has the ability to transfer messages between Android devices and also other platforms.
  • Snapdragon? BatteryGuru (Beta) - Boost your smartphones battery life
  • Snapseed - Enhance, transform, and share your photos with ease using incredibly advanced features in this high quality photo app.
  • - Test your internet speed
  • SuperBeam - Easiest and fastest way to share large files between android devices.
  • SwipeLaunch Disabler - Stops Google Now from launching every time you accidently swipe up.
  • Swizzle Drink Recipes - Access recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • TouchRetouch - Remove unwanted content or objects from any photo.
  • UCCW - Make your own widgets easily in a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor.
  • Voxer - Walkie-Talkie App
  • Wakelock Detector - Find out what's draining your battery.
  • Widget Window - a nice little app that allows you to popout any widget and keep it on screen no matter what you're doing.
  • Wifi Analyzer - Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.
  • Wol Wake on Lan Wan - Wake up computers from your phone
  • Zooper Widget - Minimal, classy, extremely customizable and battery friendly "do it yourself" Widgets.

  • BetterBatteryStats - Find out which apps are draining your battery!
  • Camera FV-5, Shot Control - Camera replacement apps with lots of features. Can program the volume keys to act as shutter button, focus etc.
  • ICE: In Case of Emergency - Stores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of an emergency.
  • Minimal UI, SMPL White, Tersus - Popular Icon Packs
  • Missed It! - Unread count for virtually any application. Use with Nova Launcher Prime/WidgetLocker and TeslaUnread for global badge notifications. (Guide by Lanhoj)
  • RunPee - Recommends the best times to go for a pee so you don't miss the best and important scenes in a movie.
  • Smart Tools - Measure length, angle, distance, height, direction and sound with your phone. Complete all in one app.
  • SwitchPro Widget - Can add numerous switches to the widget to turn on/off settings, great customization and also can be displayed in notification bar pull down.
  • Tapatalk - The only and the best fully functional forum app in the Market.
  • Tasker - Literally allows you to complete any task and actions by the click of a button!
  • WidgetLocker - Lock screen replacement that puts you in control of the look, feel and layout of your lock screen.


  • AdAway - Open source ad blocker
  • AppOpsXposed - Xposed module that restores AppOps functionality on Android 4.4.2
  • CatLog - Logcat reader
  • GMD GestureControl Lite - Control device with multitouch and multitask gestures.
  • GooManager - Front-end for the popular free Android file hosting site,
  • GravityBox, XblastTools - Popular Xposed modules with a ton of features including statusbar, lockscreen, navigation and other phone tweaks.
  • Greenify - Safely hibernate the apps that always seem to be running even when you are not using them.
  • LagFix - Gets rid of any lag you might be experiencing after heavy usage.
  • LMT Launcher - Single touch or multitouch gesture launcher which include PieControl navigation.
  • One Power Guard - Unique battery enhancement tool, comes with 6 power saving modes.
  • OTA RootKeeper - Useful tool to try and stop your device being unrooted when installing updates.
  • Push Notification Fixer - Fixes delayed notifications
  • ROM Manager - Must have app for root users. Manage and install ROMs as well as backing up and restoring from with Android.
  • ROM Toolbox Lite - Combines all the great root apps into one monster app with a beautiful and easy to use interface.
  • SD Maid - Keeps your device nice and clean. Can be used as a file explorer as well.
  • Titanium Backup - Most powerful backup tool on Android
  • Touch Control Free PGM Nexus 4 - Slide to wake phone, gets rid of need to reach for the power button all the time. Full version comes with more gestures such as slide to lock.
  • Trickster MOD Kernel Settings - Change kernel settings, has option to change RGB for nexus display.
  • Xposed Framework - Allows users to make changes at system level by activating modules that allow for extra options/customization without having to flash a ROM.
  • XPrivacy - Restrict or spoof data that an application can access.
  • ZipThemer - Easily create or package mods/themes into a flashable zip.

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Nov 16, 2012
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

"Battery Widget? Reborn! Pro" - Has Holo themed notification that looks like it's part of the OS, much like Power Toggles does.

"GPS Test" - the defacto app for testing current GPS reception.

"WiFi Analyzer" - the defacto app for checking signal strength of nearby wifi points.


Jun 1, 2010
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

Rooted: Goo Manager, Lets you check for updates of custom roms and makes flashing a breeze. Also installs TWRP if your already rooted and need a custom recovery


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Jan 11, 2013
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

IP cam viewer - free or paid.
Glympse - either very neat or very creepy

Tapatalk ;)

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Nov 13, 2009
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

"WiFi Analyzer" - the defacto app for checking signal strength of nearby wifi points.

I've loved that program for a long time.
Also, try inSSIDer. Seems much more helpful for fine tuning WiFi locations, etc for anyone looking for such an app.


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Nov 26, 2012
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

what does light flow lite allow you to do? assume its limited compared to the full version obviously, but what will it allow me to do?

also how important is it to have a security app live avast?


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Jan 11, 2013
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

what does light flow lite allow you to do? assume its limited compared to the full version obviously, but what will it allow me to do?

Free version of Light Flow is quite functional. It allows you to control your pulse notification light(flash rate and color) and sounds for a small number of apps. The paid version dramatically increases the number of apps it works with and adds a little extra control.

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Jul 30, 2012
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

I much prefer carbon backup paid, have them both and the seamless cloud integration of carbon is just flawless.

TiBu will also backup to dropbox... Are you saying carbon handles that better somehow?

Just off the top of my head one thing I had to do recently with TiBu was convert an app to a system app. Can carbon do that?

[edit] : Can you freeze apps with carbon?


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Jul 8, 2012
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

what does light flow lite allow you to do? assume its limited compared to the full version obviously, but what will it allow me to do?

also how important is it to have a security app live avast?
light flow lite allow you to set LED light/Sound/Vibration/ringer for these apps
* SMS messages,
* MMS messages,
* New Gmail messages
* New e-mails
* Calendar reminders
* Missed calls
* Low battery
* Bluethood
* Google Talk notifications.
* Handcent
* No signal
* SMS Popup
* ChompSMS
* K9 mail
* Silent mode

to compare what free vs paid can do go here Light Flow - Features
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May 5, 2010
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Re: Nexus 4 Best Apps

Carbon is great for people that are not rooted, but Titanium Backup is much more robust, which better fits the needs of people that root and flash.

My most used and beloved apps are Googles...Navigation and Places. I use them every where I go.
I also love an app called Shooter that does a great job of calculating ballistics for long range rifle shooting.
Also use Ambling BookPlayer Pro daily for listening to audiobooks.
And I can't forget Strava for tracking my daily runs.

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