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Dec 22, 2012
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I'm very excited to finally make the switch from ios to android with a note 2 (international version). I've had every iphone except the 4s since its introduction and when tasked with upgrading to an iphone 5 or making the switch, I decided to jump aboard...

I'm slowly readying through many articles regarding rooting and installing custom roms... First, have you done this to your note 2? What rom did you install and what improvements do you see? Second, is there any way to install a custom rom while maintaining some of the built in samsung apps - for example, I really like s-note and some of the other s-pen apps that samsung has added. Is there any to keep these while installing a custom rom.

If there are any articles that you think a noob would benefit from that is concise and to the point (I am a medical student with limited time to tinker,) please share them.



Nov 29, 2010
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I will leave most to people with the Note 2, but I can answer a few of your questions.

There is usually a guide to rooting in every section. THe biggest thing is make sure you use a ROM that is built for your device. DO not try to flash a Sprint ROM to a Verizon Phone and something like that. Rooting is really easy with Samsung phones. Be sure to read everything and understand it before you do anything. It is easy to do it right the first time than try and figure out what went wrong.

Most custom ROMs take the stock ROM (and its features) and enhance them. If you go with an AOSP or CM ROM that will strip out most of the TW features. THe maker of the ROMs will list what the ROM is and what can be done in the first post so again, read carefully.

Good luck and ask whatever you want around here....

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