Note 5 won't open tethering or mobile hot spot - Unfortunately settings has stopped error


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Dec 14, 2017
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I bought a new note 5, and when I went to mobile hot spot, as soon as i moved the toggle switch from off to on, the screen froze for a few seconds and then "unfortunately, Settings has stopped" came on the screen. I tried it with USB tethering as well and I had the same error.

I reset to factory default and the same thing keeps happening. I tried a bunch of fixes for "unfortunately settings has stopped" errors (Like clearing the cache, opening in safe mode, etc... ) still not working.

Anybody familiar with this issue on a note 5 and have an easy fix?

Edited - T-mobile is my carrier and I do have wifi hotspot and tethering included in my account. (worked fine on my last phone)
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