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Open source A-Droid Netflix

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I'm trying to do everything i can to do this legal. I have an open source ver of Droid. I was wondering if there is a way to obtain an apk for Netflix legally that I have a paid account to use Netflix. Without Google Play. As it is not a Google Android build which is licensed software. I just want to play around and learn and at the end of the day set back and watch my Netflix. It is an app project on a raspberry pi. I just enjoy learning but don't want to step on toes.


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Feb 12, 2012
Android is built on Linux, so it is, in effect, not limited. The Linux GPL requires that all software added to Linux be open source. (And AOSP, Android, is actually the Android Open Source Project.) So you should be able to add GApps - The Open GApps Project to your version, then get one of the Netflix apps from the Play store. Or just go to Google Play, find the app, then hit one of the buttons (I think it's AppToIde) and you can download the apk file directly. (An apl is just a renamed zip so if you got Android running on Pi, you should know how to handle that. At worst, rename the extension.)