Outlook Contact Notes Problem!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 16, 2009
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I am wondering who else has had problems with Outlook Contact Notes not all being transferred to the Hero with HTC Sync. I lost most of my Contact Notes data yesterday and did some investigating. It appears that Android will only accept a few lines of Contact Notes data on the phone and the rest is deleted. What happens is that when you do subsequent syncs between the phone and Outlook on your pc the Notes data is removed on your pc to reflect only the few lines that is allowed on the Hero. This is a HUGE problem and one that will keep most Outlook users from ever using an Android device.

I contacted HTC tech support this morning and they confirmed for me that it is a known issue on the Android side because even though we are syncing with HTC Sync, Android is still trying to covert the contacts into Google format. HTC said that there is nothing they can do about this unless Google makes significant changes in their next platform for us which would be Donut 1.6. If anyone at this site has contacts at Google I would let them know about this huge problem and if they want to pickup endusers migrating from Windows Mobile devices they better get this fixed in a hurry!