PC won't recognize droid after broken screen


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Mar 1, 2014
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This is really a two fold call for help.

I broke the screen on my droid mini. I bought a replacement digitizer/screen combo off ebay that doesn't seem to be working even though installation is correct. I can power on the phone, but it's really weird. There's no display and it just vibrates once. About every minute it vibrates 1 time again. I'm so lost! There's not a lot of repair advice on the Mini out there.

Secondly, my PC won't recognize the phone now. I was going to try to transfer my photos to the PC so I could call insurance as a last resort. I have around 800 photos on there that I want to get off. NOTE, MY SCREEN DOESN'T WORK so I can't change modes on the phone.

I'm temporarily using an old phone, but I'd really appreciate some advice, at least in getting the photos off the phone.


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Feb 12, 2012
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While replacing the screen you caused some damage to the phone. You have 2 choices now. You can keep playing with it, hoping that a) you find what you did wrong and can fix it and b) you don't break something else in the process, or you can bring it to a repair shop and get an estimate on what it's going to cost to repair the damage you did and replace the whole screen assembly (they won't use "I bought it on eBay" replacement parts.)

Unless you're a cellphone technician by trade, it's almost always cheaper to pay for hardware repairs than to open the phone up yourself. (Most techs break at least a dozen phones before learning to do some repairs - like screen replacements. Which is why totally dead phones aren't thrown out - they're kept to practice on.)