Phone Dialer / Contacts issue

Tom Furlan

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Apr 9, 2014
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Hi -

Not sure if this is the right forum, but we never had this problem until we got the Pixel 2 (Oreo), so here we go....

Having an issue with my girlfriend's phone contacts. This is her first Android , coming over from an iPhone 5. She did have a Google account and used it to set up her new Pixel 2. When she looked at her contacts, it not only had her phone contacts, but it looks like everyone she ever emailed from Gmail also showed up in her phone contacts. Not what we want.

We figured out how to go into the Contacts app and customize the displayed contacts by creating a new label called "phone" and putting just the contacts she wanted in there (under the "all contacts" section) . It looks great in the contacts App, perfectly sorted the way we wanted it.

However, when you go to the actual phone dialer, all of the old contacts are still there. I disabled the Phone app, cleared the cache, and still all of the old contacts are there, obviously ignoring the customization we did to the Contacts app.

So, is there a way to customize the Phone app to get rid of these unwanted email contacts, or do we have to use a completely new google account, and will that even help? I've always used Android phones and never had this problem, so we are stumped.

Thanks in advance for any help...


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Feb 12, 2012
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Use a desktop (it's easier) and go to Google Contacts. If you have the actual phone contacts in the "phone" section, just delete all the others. Contacts is supposed to be phone and text (in other words, phone number-based) contacts, not all contacts.

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