please help me everybody with htc desire hd2

mostafa sanad

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Dec 13, 2013
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hi to all, recently i have a big problem with my htc desire hd2 while it was working perfectly until I decided to install Android 4.3.1 carbon Jelly Bean ROM. I followed the tutorial step by step. I unlocked bootloader, then when I started to install the Jelly Bean ROM until the phone rebooted to htc logo and vibrated,then it rebooted again also with htc logo then went to a black page with a phone image marked with a red triangle with an exclamation mark. i tried to enter the recovery mod ,then tryed everything.but when I reboot my device,it goes to the same bage with the red triangle.and this happend all the I can't open my phone, every time it does the same way to the page with the red triangle even when i tried to do factory reset. it goes also to the same page.I tried to install Ace ROM Update Utility,the same problem also occured. what can I do to fix this, please help me. finally I want to thank every body here, and also I'm sorry for my weak English.