Please help. One click root screwed up on rooting my phone. I need assistance please!


Jan 4, 2016
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I'll make this as short as I possibly can.
I didn't trust myself rooting my phone. I know almost everything possible there is to know about root and what you can do with it, what not to do, etc. But the actual rooting of the device for some reason just made me a little uneasy. I paid oneclick root to root my phone for me. Simple. Fast. Ok.
Well, issue. I don't think it was done correctly. Because a day in (and me not even having the chance to do anything besides download a few apps for root) my Superuser SU Binary supposedly needed to be upgraded as it was now out of date. Well that caused my phone to go into melt down mode. And some how it crashed google play services so I was unable to download any apps, or update. So, I contact them to be like, yeah you guys did something wrong here and it needs to be fixed. The lady I dealt with told me to factory reset my phone, and that it should all go back to normal and I should still have the root. If there were any issues to contact them back and they would fix it. So I do as I'm told. I did NOT update, just factory reset the damn thing like she told me to. Well go figure that screwed it up even more. Now when I try to enter in my gmail for google services it says... "Couldn't sign in. Can't establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data service. If it continues, call Customer care."
I go right back to one click and I say like wtf buddy, what the heck did you guys just tell me to do. He then goes off, takes 20 minutes to respond to only tell me "oh well you must have updated it, so it's not our fault, therefore in order for us to fix it you need to pay extra for this other package" umm no. The package I paid for works just fine as it wasn't my fault, and secondly they are supposed to fix there mistakes. not to mention if I'm unsatisfied I give my legitimate reason, and then they refund me. But he was trying to tell me they won't. Anyways, I need help figuring out why the heck my google services is doing this and how I can fix it. I can't get any apps, and I just... I'm lost. Please someone help me.


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Oct 14, 2015
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Hmm... try to re-flash stock ROM via odin. Its easy, but you will lose your root. Get your money back from them. Search a guide on how to re-flash stock firmware for your model.

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