Possible Browser/Link Hijack on S22+


Sep 7, 2017
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So in the last week or so my Galaxy S22+ has started trying to open the app store anytime I click a link. And I mean any link. Click a link on a website... tries to open the app store. Scan a QR code that is supposed to take you to a website... tries to open the app store instead. Friend sends you a link in instagram messenger.... it tries to open the app store. It is always trying to go to the same app, the webtoons app and i have no idea what would have caused this. I haven't downloaded any new apps right before this started happening and I don't just click on random links in emails or on websites I'm not sure about. I'm on ATT and ran the scan on their "Active Armor" virus/malware app and it found nothing. I've tried to find help with google but it seems to think I'm just having an issue with android opening the app store instead of opening the actual app it is trying to go to (ex.. opening app store for facebook app instead of opening already installed facebook app). I've tried to reword it multiple times but it just keeps giving me the same results that are not what my issue is. Anybody have any clue on where I need to look to try and fix this? I don't want to have to do a factory reset to get rid of this but will if I have to.

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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And if the above-mentioned suggestions don't work I would clear the data and cache for whatever browser you use then force stop it... then remove every app you've installed that isn't a banking app or something else you 100% trust if the browser reset doesn't fix it. That's why I'm extremely limited on what apps I install on my phones 😲

You can always add them back one at a time till you find the culprit... still easier than a factory reset 😉