Problem Making and Recibing call

Mauricio Gonzalez

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Aug 13, 2013
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Hi, Currently I have a problem with my Samsung S4, it is no easy to make or recibe calls. Doing call I have to try two or three times to establish call, on the firsts tries I didn't get the ring sound and after a few seconds the call end. Some times in the middle of a call it finish prematurely. For my contacts I also know that they try to call me and can't establish communication, they need to also try two, three or four times to establish the call. I always get a SMS telling me that I got contacts that try to contact me and the communication was not made. I already took my phone to my carrier for support but the only thing they did was to reinstall the SO, but the problem persist. I put other SIM and the problem still happend, so the problem is on the phone and no on the carrier.

What can be the problem?, is anything I can do?, is there any log in the phone that can guide me to know the real problem? :'(

I hope you guys can help.

Thank you


Jul 14, 2011
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If you tested putting in a SIM from the SAME carrier in your phone, that's by no means a way to rule out the carrier (which, by the way, sounds like it's the one to blame here). Try inserting YOUR SIM into another phone in the same place where your S4 failed to make a call (it wouldn't be much of a test if you tried this in a different location) and then try calling a few times.

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