Protect your phone from thieves and protect your privacy using this app

Yash Patel1898

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Aug 25, 2018
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Hello Friend,
Are you worried about your phone from begin stolen or you have doubt that someone is seeing your private message than here is the solution for that. I developed one applications called don't touch my phone .It is use to protect your phone from thieves and protect your privacy from your friends and family. Here is the link. If you like the app than please give reviews and share application.

1) When charging your phone if someone disconnects it, then a loud Police siren will help you to prevent theft.

2) At work, you may place your phone on your laptop and if someone tries to touch your laptop or phone, immediately an alarm will scare them away.

3) While travelling in public transport you can protect your phone from being stolen or dropping off from your pocket.

4) Theft alarm can also be used to prevent your kids and family members from using your phone when you’re not around.

5) If you live in hostel than this app can protect your privacy from your roommates IMG_20180802_184908_289.jpgIMG_20180802_184908_290.jpg