Questions re: copy/paste to/from clipboard to get into S Note on Galaxy Note 10.1


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Dec 29, 2012
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Having some issues with copying and pasting in new Galaxy Note 10.1. Goal is to get entire text document into S Note for editing and then sending corrections via email.

1. When I download a text file (.txt extension) from an email and open it in Polaris Office (4.0.5001.35), the entire text does not appear (e.g it only pastes 20 out of say 70 pages). Is this a limitation in Polaris Office?

2. Polaris Office does not appear to have "select all" capability so you must resort to double tapping the text at the top and dragging the right text marker all the way to the last page to highlight the entire document before selecting copy. Any way around this?

3. Another editor that is presented when downloading text file is DB Editor. This editor, unlike Polaris, does download the entire text file (e.g. all 70 pages) and it has "select all" function to easily copy entire document to the clipboard. However, when trying to paste from clipboard into S Note, it seems to work only when pasting 1 or 2 pages. When you copy and paste more than that, the total number of pages that was originally copied to the clipboard appears to have been pasted into S Note but most is unreadable (i.e. most of the text is converted to symbols like Korean or Chinese). The input language is set to English. What's causing this?

4. Are there other text editors to use instead of DB Editor or Polaris?

5. In S Note, you can export document as jpg or pfd file but where/how do you find what you saved to email it?


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Feb 24, 2012
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I didn't realize there were page limitations to importing or copying. As for another editor, I liked QuickOffice on my phone. In S notes, the easiest way to send it via email is that while the note is open, tap on the menu, and then share by, you'll have a choice of keeping it in snote format, or jpg or pdf formats, pick the format you want and then a menu will come up giving you the list of choices available to you for emailing.


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Feb 1, 2014
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you may be creating extra work by using s note for editing,but if you're just going to save changes into an email you're ok.
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