[REF] Infuse 4G Super Everything Thread {2nd Edition} 1 Aug


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Oct 14, 2011
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Thought I would bring this over from the XDA site, good info/ref for the Samsung Infuse 4G.

Welcome to the new and improved ISET. As many realize this thread has become a vital part of Infuse Community.

Then read it again and yes re-read, not to say your incapable of reading or understanding....just helps you from soft bricking your investment...your phone.
Also some basic questions and not so basic head over here and take another read, this will address those, not so tech questions.
[Ref] {INSUT} Infuse New & Seasoned Users Thread 6/23/2012
[GUIDE][Noob Friendly]How to make a good signature[Noob Friendly][GUIDE] Credit and Thank You dorianborovina
[HOW TO] [ROM Installation] Where to start?<<Another Must read if you are gonna do some flashing.
[WIKI] Infuse 4G, Thanks AdamOutler and all that update it.

The Highly sought after, for that (taken from qkster op)
"Oh crap! I just #@#% in my pants! I bricked my phone. OMG!!! I'm stuck on SAMSUNG logo! I'm boot looping!
I lost recovery! Help me!!!"

Heimdall One-Click Back To Stock UCLB3 + Easy Clockwork Recovery Mod Install (FOR AT&T USERS) Last Updated: June 03, 2012
[ODIN][UCLB3] UCLB3 Unbrick - Return to stock - Working PIT included
[ODIN][KERNEL] Odin Kernel and Recovery Repository - Infuse 4G
[ODIN][UCLB3] AT&T 2.3.6 Gingerbread with root added - Infuse 4G Last Updated: April 25, 2012
[Guide] [UXKG3] Complete Stock (FOR ROGERS USERS)
[ODIN][UCKD5] Odin - Stock (100% or Root+3e) Last Updated: June 5, 2011
[ODIN][UCKE3] Return to stock Last Updated: June 08, 2011
[ODIN][UCKD5] GTG's Ultimate Unbrick - Return to stock - Working PIT included DOWNLOAD LINK HERE ---
Heimdall One-Click Back-To-Stock UCKJ4 + Easy CWM install [2.3.6] (FOR AT&T USERS)
LlamaLord's How To Get Back To Stock\Unbrick Your Samsung Infuse 4G [VIDEO]

How to unlock Samsung Infuse 4G i997
Root the Rogers Infuse 4G - NOT for AT&T Infuse owners


[TOOLS] [LINUX, MAC, WINDOWS] Knives & Forks: Android Tools for Everyone
SUPER ONE CLICK TOOL [now with zergRush and su 3.0]
SetCPU for Root Users [2.2.4] Undervolting and more 07/07/2011
[GUIDE] Best Way To Flash A Rom Without Having Problems
[HOW TO] Unbrick the UnBrickable Infuse4G
[CUSTOM ROM TOOL] LinuxBozo's Galaxy ROM Hellraiser [BUGS/DEV ONLY] Last Updated on: November 02, 2011
[ACS] [How to] Root, Clockworkmod, Flash Roms, Unroot, Unlock (12 videos) Last Updated on : January 17, 2012


How To Install 3e Recovery & ClockworkMod (Quick Video) AT&T Infuse 4G
100% working ClockworkMod Recovery for Infuse 4G [GTG465x]

Stock UCLB3[Rooted, Deodexed, Busybox, Zipaligned..]
Stock UCLB1 [Rooted, deodexed, busybox] --[ Uploaded February 09,2012]
Stock UCKL2 [Rooted, Deodexed, Busybox, and CRT off]
Stock UCKK4 [Rooted, Deodexed, and Busybox.. [2.3.6]
Stock UCKK3 [Rooted, Deodexed, Busybox, Zipaligned [2.3.6]
Stock UCKK1 [Rooted, Deodexed, Busybox, ZipAligned [2.3.6]
Stock UCKJ4 [Rooted, Deodexed, Busybox] [2.3.6]
Stock UCKJ2 [Rooted, Deodexed, Busybox] [2.3.6]
ROM I997 UCLB3 [2.3.6] [19.02.2012]
ROM 1997 UCLB1 [2.3.6] --[ Uploaded February 09,2012]
ROM I997UCKL2 [2.3.6]
ROM I997UCKK3 [2.3.6]
ROM I997UCKK2 [2.3.6]
ROM I997UCKK1 [2.3.6]
ROM I997UCKJ4 [2.3.6]
ROM I997UCKJ2 [2.3.6]


[REF][HOW TO][ROM Installation] Where to start? Another Must read if you are gonna do some flashing.
Jelly Bean for the Infuse 4G
[PORT] [JB] [Galaxy Nexus] Stock JRO03E
[ROM][JellyBean][4.1.1]Unofficial CM10 - Updated CM10 7/27
{AOKP / ICS / CM9 PORTS & How to Port them}[HOW-TO] How i port AOSP ICS ROMS
[PORT][ICS][4.0.4]ParanoidAndroid - Infuse4g - AROMA added 7/7!!! Last Updated on: July 7, 2012
[Port] RemICS-UX Infuse Edition{4.0.4}{Brought to you by Tamelion1117 and Bradman117}Last Updated on: June 27, 2012
[ROM][ICS]JB's BTTF CM9 Build (SGS3, Voodoo Sound, OC/UV Kernel, BT) - Last Updated on: June 29, 2012
[Firmware][ICS]UNOFFICIAL CM9 for the Infuse 4G Last Updated on: June 29, 2012
[ROM][Unofficial AOKP]UNi-yuma-PoRN Build40[Aroma] Last Updated on: June 29, 2012
[ROM][OFFICIAL] MIUI.us V4-2.6.15 for Samsung Infuse 4GLast Updated on: June 27, 2012
[PORT] [ICS] AOKPCB Broccoli ROM Last Updated on: June 13, 2012
[ROM][PORT][ICS][4.0.4][BETA] Doc's Master ICS Powered by SGS3+AOKP+MIUI
[ROM][PORT][4.0.4]Dark Knight UPDATE IS UP!!!
[PORT] [5/14] MIUI Scotland - MIUI v4 I997 2.5.14
[ROM] [Themed+Modded AOKP] ░⋮ AOKPCB R1 ROM ⋮░ Circuit Boards! {on hold}

[ROM][2.3.6][UCLB3] MIND of MAC ROM V1.4 **07/11** - Official 1.4 Live!Last Updated on: July 12, 2012
[MUF] [UCLB3] [2.3.6] Vagabond Modified Unofficial Firmware Last Updated on: June 20, 2012
[ROM] [XXJW4] [2.3.6] The Black Hole V1.3 RC1& XXJW4 Alpha 1 Last Updated on: July 11, 2012
[ROM][2.3.6][UCLB3] ETHEREAL v.0.9 Last Updated on: June 15, 2012
[ROM] 2.3.6 UCLB3 - Legend 2 - ICS Edition - The Collective - New Themes Last Updated on: June 06, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM][2.3.6] Recursion V1 Last Updated on: May 13, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] Inimitable V1 [2.3.6][UCLB3] Last Updated on: May 12, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] AEON 1.4 [UCLB3] Last Updated on: June 11, 2012 NEW THEMES HERE & [THEMES/MODS] Aeon Themes/Mods/Discussion
[CUSTOM ROM] MIUI INFUSE EDITION 2.2.24 + SHOCK n AWE Last Updated on: February 29, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] PharmNerd's ROM v1.0 [UCLB3]- Stock Themed
[CUSTOM ROM] SuperCm7-Infuse4g-KANG [2.3.7] Last Updated on: December 31, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] Compiled CM 7 for Infuse 4G NIGHTLY [2.3.7] Last Updated on: March 19, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] MIUI 1.12.23 for Infuse [2.3.7] Last Updated on: December 31, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] [Dev]astation Rom *Mostly Stock* UCBL3 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: April 10, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] Emancipation 1st Amendment [2.3.6] Last Updated on: April 13, 2012 ---- ARABIC EMANCIPATION PATCH HERENEW THEMES HERE Posts 1 - 4
[THEMES]-{from X's lab}-[infuse]
[CUSTOM ROM] Revolution ULCB3 v2.2 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: April 20, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] Malvarious v1.2 UCLB3 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: March 30, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] Midagu UCLB3 [2.3.6] v2.1 Last Updated on: April 25, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] R3V0lUTI0NM0D v3.1 [UCLB3] [2.3.6] Last Updated on: March 27, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] R3velation - The Collective VERSE 2.0 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: March 04, 2012 NEW CUSTOM R3V THEMES HERE
[CUSTOM ROM] *Z*E*U*S v6.0 / ZTR Final Edition [2.3.6] Last Updated on: April 3, 2012 ARABIC PATCH FOR ZEUS HERE
[CUSTOM ROM] Bionix BIUI UCKL2 Root,Recovery + Video [2.3.6] Last Updated on: December 27, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] NumasX v1.1 UCKL2 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: April 11, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] VISION 2 Bravia Engine UCKK4 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: December 10, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] CatyRom Infuse UCKL2 v3.0! [2.3.6] Last Updated on: February 5, 2012
[CUSTOM ROM] FusionXII Infused [2.3.6] Last Updated on: November 27, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] VictoryRom UCKL2 Build [2.3.6] Last Updated on: December 20, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] Bionix Infusion [Beta] [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 17, 2011
[CUSTOM ROM] GSInfuse [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 02, 2011
MIUI for Infuse [2.3.7] Last Updated on : November 04, 2011
Stock rooted packages [UXKG3] Last Updated on : July 31, 2011
Serendipity VII Infuse ?[2.3.3] Last Updated on : August 26, 2011
Infused v2.2.3 - Last Updated on : September 23, 2011
Infused v1.6.0 Froyo Last Updated on : August 31, 2011
Bionix Infinity Version Two Point Zer0 [Froyo] Last Updated on : June 12, 2011
Refuse v1.7 [FROYO] Last Updated on : August 15, 2011


Port][ROM][JW6][2.3.6][26/june/12] SAUROM Projekt /Ported 7/1/12
[ROM][Port] JMP Series Extreme Edition [2.3.4 GB]
[PORT] Energetic Rom v1
[PORT] Gamerzrom v10 xxJW4 Last Updated on: March 28, 2012
[PORT] MIUI Infuse Edition 2.1.13 + Boosted MIUI [2.3.7] Last Updated on: January 21, 2012
[PORT] Elin Rom [2.3.6] Last Updated on: February 23, 2012
[PORT] Amestris with 10 Lockscreens The Orange Magic V7.3 & V7.2 The Stockway JW1 Last Updated on: February 22, 2012
[PORT] S.U.R.F.A.C.E. v9.01] JVU Sam's Ultra-lite ROM [2.3.6] Last Updated on: January 13, 2012
[PORT] Mosaic IX {The Collective} JVZ [2.3.6] Last Updated on: January 07, 2012
[PORT] DarkyRom v10.4 Extreme Infuse Edition Final JW1 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: January 15, 2012
[PORT] MitRa Rom V5.2 JW1 [2.3.6] Last Updated on: January 08, 2012
[PORT] SAUROM Projekt 'One Rom to Rule Them All' JVU[2.3.6] Last Updated on : January, 31 2012
[PORT] F1 Innovation HD v7.0 JW1 Last Updated on: February 01, 2012
[PORT] Doctorz Rom V14 XXJVU [2.3.5] Last Updated on: January 14, 2012
[PORT] Illuminance 2.1 [2.3.5] Last Updated on : November 16, 2011
[PORT] Black 7.2 Infusion JVT [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 15, 2011
[PORT] Simply Sensation ROM Infuse [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 04, 2011
[PORT] Mosaic VIII Infused {The Collective} JVT [2.3.5] Last Updated on : November 04, 2011
[PORT] Jetpack v8.1 [2.3.5] Last Updated on : December 29, 2011
[PORT] GALAXIAN Supercharged V3.0 [2.3.5] Last Updated on: January 14, 2012
[PORT] GingerReal 2 - JVT [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 21, 2011
[PORT] OBSSESSION REVAMPED 5 JVT [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 16, 2011
[PORT] Juwe's Smart Edition Rom [2.3.5] Last Updated on: November 14, 2011
[PORT] MaxQ ROM KJ3/KK4 [2.3.5] Last Updated on: December 20, 2011
[PORT] DlevROM Infuse Edition [2.3.4] Last Updated on: November 16, 2011
[PORT] Simply honey 5.0rc1 for infuse [2.3.4] Last Updated on: September 11, 2011


[kernel][stock][gb]super stock kernel
[Kernel][GB][BFQ/CFQ][OC/UV][HDMI-MHL][USB HOST] JB's GB Kernel - (07/03/12)
[Kernel][GB][OC/UV][CIFS] Infusion-GB-Z-CoreA2/B2 Mods
[SCRIPTS] [Updater-Scripts] EFS-backup, Clean_Wipes, Wifi Fix
[KERNEL]Infusion-GB [OC/UV]
[KERNEL][GB][EXPERIMENTAL] Entropy's Daily Driver (Video Fix 3/4/2012)
[KERNEL]Infusion Kernel 2.0 [FROYO-Kernel-OC/UV-BLN]
[KERNEL]Community Kernel v8 - (7/17/11) - Voodoo sound v10
[KERNEL] Defuse Kernel v1.4 Voodoo Sound/Lagfix Last Updated on: June 20, 2011
Older Infuse 4G Modem Collection
All Infuse modems individually packed into CWM flashable packages


**[HowTo] Infuse ADB Flashing Guide - Kernels, Roms, Modified 3e Recovery, Busybox
[MOD] 4-Way Reboot For Stock Rooted LB3
[MOD][UCLB3] UCLB3 Mod Collection - Infuse 4G
[MOD][UCLB3]8 Lockscreens/Extended Power Menu/Accurate Battery Mod/CRT-Off[040912]
[MOD] Arabic Letters Reshape for Emancipation + Arabic Language For samsung Keyboard
[MOD] Installable Fonts 300+ - One stop font shop - You pick Last Updated on: April 14, 2012
[MOD + ADDON] Beats Audio on any Gingerbread ROM
[MOD] Extended power menu plus CRT off[UCLB1 and UCLB3]
[MOD] [FIX] Centered and clean EPM+CRT off[2.3.6][UCKK1, UCKK2, UCKK4,UCKL2]
[MOD]CRT off animation with font pack [Ubuntu] 2.3.6 stock only
[MOD]T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling
[MOD][FIX] Remove SMS from call log
[MOD]Removable full battery charge notification
[MOD]GALAXY S2 Touchwiz 4 files sources
[MOD]SMS.apk No MMS AutoConvert+NoSenderLimit+TimeFix
[TWEAK] Official GB UCLB3 (Stock Rooted Users Only) (Updated 5/31/12)
[TWEAK] Infuse 4G [GB] [Froyo] Network build.prop tweak for better 4G speeds
[TWEAK]ThunderBolt! v2.5.1 - 13/2/2012 [CPU/GPU tune-file fix!]
[TWEAK] Adrenaline Shotv12/ Universal Adrenaline Shotv13/Mod Build.prop
[TWEAK][GB][CM7][Froyo] Battery , Performance tweaks 9-3-2011
[TWEAK] S.A.S / Samsung Adrenaline Shotv6
[TWEAK] Infuse 4G [GB][Froyo] Network build.prop tweak for better 4G
[TWEAK] Voodoo - Infuse 4G Super AMOLED Plus screen tuning
[SCRIPTS][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v2.7.3 - 5/5/12 [Better Battery Life & Performance!]
[Script][TWEAKS] V6 SuperCharger!!! [GB] and [ICS] Fix download links [5/8]
[FIX] 30FPS Recording on GB Roms
[FIX] App-Drawer on MIUI Launcher
[Wallpapers] HUGE Collection
[How to] [Mod} -Rearrange the contents of Settings alphabetically/or choice Last Updated on: April 26, 2012
[How to][MOD] THE HOW TO THREAD, Turning a stock leak to CWM flashable added! Last Updated on: April 19, 2012
[mod]crt on animation for uclb3 and uckl2
[Tips & Tricks] Battery Power Saving on Samsung Infuse
[Utility][CWM][Aroma] Ladies and Gentlemen - Presenting The Infuse Toolkit Last Updated on: June 09, 2012
[APN][AT&T][MMS][HSPA+] Single APN for HSPA+ Speeds AND MMS
[Wallpaper] Infuse Collection
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May 11, 2011
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Re: [REF] ISET: Infuse 4G Super Everything Thread {Second Edition

So I'm new to flashing ROMs and I have been reading up on a lot of these guides on xda and I can't figure out where I can download these files - like the ones on gtg465x's guide on installing ROMs: [Q&A] Infused v2 ROM - xda-developers

All of the links are to multi-upload and I think they've been down for a while now. Where can I go to download the necessary materials to get a ROM on my phone? I've already rooted and 'm back on stock froyo (2.2.1 and I997UCKH1) currently. I've been doing my best reading all these guides to make sure I'm doing this correctly and not bothering you guys; unfortunately, I'm stuck if I can't get the files :( Anyone know how? I would appreciate any help, thanks!