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Jun 13, 2013
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When it comes to protecting your shiny new mobile device, RhinoShield is something that comes to my mind. With its unique CrashGuard case to its new SolidSuit cases and tempered glass protector, RhinoShield offers strong protection for your device. I have been using RhinoShield protection for over a month now with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and this is the review of the RhinoShield's tempered glass protector and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

There is a lot to like with RhinoShield's tempered glass protector. Given its 9H-level hardness, the glass protector is scratch-resistant and with its hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, it provides resistance against water and oil. With added mechanisms to absorb shocks, RhinoShield promises that its strength protects from drops.


The screen protector comes with the usual installation kit items in the box. I do wish there was an installation tray provided with the kit. Many of the other screen protector companies now do provide an installation tray for a stress-free installation.

Installing the screen protector was easy and stress-free. As with any screen protector installation, make sure you clean the phone's screen and remove any lint or dust particles with the provided microfiber cloth. Then, follow the instructions in the package to peel off the protective layers and place it carefully aligning the phone's display.

If you want to make some changes to the installation or if you hadn't aligned it properly, just remove the protector from your phone and repeat the steps again.

To complete the installation, just press firmly in the center and on the sides. The adhesive is on the side so you will need to ensure its firm on the sides.


Though the screen protector is designed for the curved edge, it does not completely cover the edge. This is a good thing as this makes the screen protector compatible with different cases. If you do not use a case, then you are out of luck as a drop in certain angle could indeed break the edges.

Moving on from the edges, the screen protector's fit is great. It sits firmly and has no issues staying on the screen. The screen protector does not cover the camera and the sensors though if that is something you are looking for.

Coming to the usage, even though RhinoShield says the glass protector won't interfere with the touchscreen, I did find that I had to press a little harder to register my touch. I had to turn on the Touch Sensitivity feature to increase the touch sensitivity of the screen. You can find this under Settings->Advanced features->Touch sensitivity.

I did drop my phone once face down and luckily the screen protector helped me. The screen protector did not break, but you can see the crack very clearly. I was glad I had the protector!


If you are looking for a good screen protector that sits tight and protects your Samsung Galaxy S9, then RhinoShield's tempered glass protector is one of the good choices out there. I would highly recommend this if you are in the market today looking to buy a screen protector. Of course, given that you will be using a case with it.

RhniShield SolidSuit Protective Case


Speaking of cases, the SolidSuit case from RhinoShield is an excellent choice to complement its tempered glass screen protector. The SolidSuit protective case, unlike its unique CrashGuard case, it has a back shell that covers your phone's back.

The thing I like the most about this case is that its very light. The moment you take the case out of the box, you will feel its premium finish.

If you are familiar with the CrashGuard case, then you will find the SolidSuit case familiar when you explore it as it is certainly built on the design of the CrashGuard case on the top, bottom and around the edges.

To give you maximum protection, the inside layer is built with RhinoShield's unique honeycomb structure that improves the impact absorption.


To install the case, just slide in your phone from the left side and then push firmly on the top right until it snaps in. Then repeat the same for the bottom right corner.

The case fits perfectly. Every inch and every side, it just fits perfectly. I did not have any issues installing the case with the RhinoShield's tempered glass protector as well.

The cutouts for the ports have ample space for your charging cables along with ensuring the sound from the speakers aren't distorted as well.


The fingerprint sensor and camera cutouts are also good. I wished there was some affordance to identify the fingerprint sensor easily. There is only one big cutout covering both the camera and fingerprint sensor.


The side buttons have a good tactile feedback which makes it so easy to use. Though the tactile feedback on the power button is stronger than the volume and Bixby buttons. I wish the tactile feedback strength was uniform with all the buttons.

The premium finish makes it a treat to hold your phone. It is not slippery and gives a good solid grip. The back finish comes in two variants - Classic Black and Carbon Fiber Finish.

My favorite is the Carbon Fiber finish. It reminds me of OnePlus' Karbon case which is also one of my favorite cases. The Carbon Fiber Finish also adds some extra grip along with giving you that premium feel.


One thing I wish the case offered was better protection for the front. Though there are raised lips, I do not find them good enough to protect the display in a fall. Of course, this isn't an issue if you are using a screen protector.

Overall, the SolidSuit protective case is a great choice for your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Its highly durable material along with the premium finish makes it a no-brainer for the ultimate protection for your phone.

RhinoShield Impact Flex Back Protector

If you are going naked with your new Samsung Galaxy device, then the option of using back protector with the tempered glass screen protector could be something you are looking for. In the past, I have really liked the back protector from RhinoShield. However, this time, it looks like they changed the materials and made it thinner and lighter.

I will keep this short and sweet. I wouldn't recommend this back protector for your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. First, it is just damn hard to install due to how thin this is and the fact that it is super sticky to your phone surface. Due to the lack of any tools to help or guide you through the installation, this product fails to even get started.


Since I wasn't able to install it properly, after trying several times and spending at least 15 minutes, I couldn't use the product. I hope RhinoShield can either change its current back protectors or produce better ones to be as good as the one they have for the Note 8.


Except for the back protector, I quite like the tempered glass screen protector, the SolidSuit protective case, and the CrashGuard bumper case. The combination of the screen protector with either of the cases is sure to give you the protective combination you are looking for.

You can buy the RhinoShield products directly from their website:
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