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Route to Voicemail missing


New member
Nov 30, 2012
The option to route a contact to voicemail is missing on my phone, it used to be there.

Phone is a 32GB Moto Nexus 6
Android 7.1.1 Build N6F27H

Some history. I was rooted on an earlier 7.1 build (no OTA updates) with Project Fi as the carrier. Route to voicemail worked for months, then disappeared.
I was about to switch providers so I factory reset the phone with a fresh load of the current build, this brought route to voicemail back. I then switched to verizon with a new number. My old Fi number got ported to google voice, which I use as my main number (it forwards to my verizon number) I also use GV for voicemail.

I mention goovle voice, as route to voicemail disappeared again, around the time my port to GV finished and I got forwarding set up. Since GV and Fi share features, part of me wonders if that is a culprit.

I have googled until I am blue in the face and cannot seem to find this issue anywhere, even though I am pretty tech inclined.

A screen shot is attached. Thanks for any help.



New member
Nov 4, 2013
I actually never knew this existed so I had to look it up. I assume it's a Google Contact feature that was removed. I would find older Google Contact apk's to install and find the one that still has that feature. Let us know what you find out.