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Greetings for him and thanks for this great resource. My son carries a note 4 that I previously carried and the other night while it was resting on his nightstand one of his brothers incidentally left a very cold water bottle on the same nightstand. When my wife picked the phone up the next morning she told me it was in a puddle of water and it was dripping out when she held it upright. I could not confirm whether or not the water was inside of the phone or if it was simply on the back and the edges but I expect it was inside the device for a while since the phone would not turn on. After it had sat in a ziplock bag for several days with some pretty hefty humidifying packs it turns on, however, only displays half of the screen accurately. The other half is a series of horizontal lines. I would greatly appreciate any information on how to correct this if it's possible to do so without purchasing any new parts for the phone because the digitizer is relatively expensive. I have yet to disassemble the phone entirely and while I have the expertise and experience to do so, I'm simply waiting to see if there is a quick fix before I do that or if I'm going to have to purchase replacement parts and how much those may end up costing me.

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