Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 randomly turning off but LED staying on, how can I stop this?


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samsung galaxy s3 i9300 randomly turning off but LED staying on

Hi there i hope somebody can help. I have a samsung galaxy s3 i9300 i bought it second hand from a friend and havent had any problems with it up until now and lately it has developed the following problem -
the phone ends up unresponsive to the home button, lock button and volume keys whether its on charge or not and the led light stays on wether its a notification light or charging light it doesnt matter what one the screen will not respond i have to remove and replacethe battery and power it up again using the power key. The phone has never been in a case since i got it and has worked perfectly. i cannot find a solution for it and its just suddenly started doing it out of the blue and i know it hasnt been water damaged.

Methods I have tried so far to fix it are -
Clearing the cache
Factory Resetting several times
Banging power button on a hard surface in case it was stuck
Factory resetting and not updating the software
un installing apps
scanning for viruses
scraping build up off of battery terminals
replaced battery with a new one

Does anybody have a clue on what i could do to fix it as i love my s3 and dont want to loose it. the next step i am going to try is taking the logic board out and cleaning the area around the power switch in the housing and also the actual switch. any other suggestions would be welcome.

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