Samsung Galaxy S9+ doesn't doe USB-c audio


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Jun 11, 2023
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I have an old Samsung Galaxy S9+ I want to use as mobile audio player.
The strange thing is that nothing happens when I connect a usb-c headset. Same with every USB-C-dac, nothing happens. De devices only recognises the usb-c connection for charging.
I have searched alf of the internet, and I’m aware of the ‘usb routing’ setting. I tried that.
How am I able to activatie USB audio in Android 10?
Is there something sepcial as it is the last version of galaxyphones with a headphone connection. That was also a reason why I thought it would be interesting to use it as a DAP.
So headphone out is working, multiple dacs to usb-c not working, USB-C headpones alsno not working.
With 'not working' I mead that there is nothing happening when I'm connecting the device.

Anybody experiencing the same issues with Samsung Galaxy S9+ and usb-c audio out?

Thanks in advance!