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It was working fine and then randomly in a different tab the menu toolbar (back, foward, homepage, etc.) disappeared when I scrolled down. It does not reappear at all. The only way to access it is to rotate screen to landscape and it appears at the top with address bar.

When you switch tabs, it appears again but disappears if you start scrolling.

I didn't change any of the settings and don't know how to get it to stay there. Usually if you scroll and it hides itself, scrolling up makes it reappear but not in this case.


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Dec 6, 2011
Welcome to Android Central.

What Samsung phone do you have?

How many tabs do you have open?

Have you tried saving ones that you really want to keep and closing some to reduce the load on the app?

When you close the app do you just press the home button, not really closing the app, or do you swipe it away in the background or do anything that actually closes the app? When you open the app again are you greeted with the same pages as when you closed the app or an ever increasing tab count?

How are you navigating if you are unable to see the navigation bar at the bottom of the page? I've had browsers where certain links to other sites cause a kind of glitch in my browser where I can navigate backwards by swiping but I'll have to swipe twice to get the navigation bar to appear. So I follow a link read/watch/type something then use the back gesture to return to the previous page. While everything appears normal the navigation bar is absent until I swipe back one more time. I haven't had this on the Samsung browser but I suspect it could happen on another browser as well.

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