Samsung Proclaim - MESSED UP!!! (Audio/Alerts)

Kris Garvey

Dec 16, 2012
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So I had this phone a while now, and I had downloaded some ringtones, just a few from Myxer. Well, I ended up losing the micro sd card that I dad have in my phone, so I replaced it. Ever since then, aside from my files all being gone, and almost all the apps I had downloaded, now it's really being all spazzy. I noticed when someone tried to call me, it started suddenly playing one of the few audio BOOKS I had on it as the ringtone! I had set the ringtones, alerts, etc. to a standard generic tone already in the phone, when I had noticed it was wanting to basically go crazy ever since I put the new card in it. Also, when it is plugged in charging on USB, and I get a text, it starts blaring this insane alarms sound for no reason. Even when I grab it and unplug the USB, and then start pushing buttons on it, it still takes a minute for the alarm to stop. Living in an apartment, it's very unnerving for me.
Any ideas on these? Thanks.