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Samsung SCH-1605 for Verizon through Page plus


New member
Apr 30, 2016
Hi All,
I think my ex boyfriend has hacked and planted some type of spyware on my device how can I be sure. I have hard factory reset using power and volume up key, I have used backup and reset icon from settings and to no avail. He has not been physically near the phone in a month but, strange things happen such as my phone turns off and on by itself, my contacts are deleted, my email account is opened and it seems some one or something is reading them(while device is on table or desk I'm not touching)I try to stop and I can't hit the back button it freezes, my recent calls are scrolled through, when writing an email or texts my words are changed not to be spelled correctly but incorrectly, for example I will spell closet its sent as goset, my contacts get random texts when I know I was asleep or in class, this is the 5th phone I've had since being with him for 4 years. I have 2 apps downloaded from play store avast for viruses and Kik which I got after leaving him in March. Can spyware tracking be on my phone where he can manipulate my phone and listen in I've been reading up but the answer seems ambiguous sort of yes and no...I can't afford to go and buy a new phone I just want peace of mine. Thanks for your help.