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Samsung thinks its my mother with these annoying notifications


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Aug 9, 2010
The worst is the "Battery fully charged: Unplug Charger" notification. It would be fine if it were an option you could turn off, but nope! It pops up in the middle of the night and wakes me up. It pops up while I'm using Waze and navigating in my car. At least those I can swipe away. But it sits permanently on my lock screen and can't be swiped away. For heaven's sake, leave me alone! I want my phone on the charger. I pay for my own electricity and want to use what I want to use. I will replace the battery if I wear it out. Leave me alone!

Then there is the warning every time I turn up the sound volume -- even using my Bluetooth headset. Are you serious? It comes at the worse times like when I'm driving and need to increase the volume due to road noise, or when I'm walking and don't want to have to fumble with responding to a notification. Come one. Give me your legal warning once, then leave me the heck alone.

Honestly, I was interested in the new S6, but it is likely to have the same Samsung insistence on incessant nagging. I get irritated every time I use this phone. I'm 58 years old. Do today's young people really have to be constantly goaded, prodded, and nagged? It's insulting.


Jul 14, 2011
I totally understand you and I don't like it either, especially the volume warning (at least that one only pops up once per reboot).