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Screen zoomed in in games?

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In some games the game is zoomed in so that the black bars on the s8 in 16:9 games are gone which cuts off a good amount of the game, there is no fullscreen option in game tools btw for those games. It is really annoying plz help.


Jul 14, 2011
If you go to your phone's settings and open the Display section, you should see a 'Full screen apps' option. Tap that and make sure that the games you are having issues with aren't active there.

Titus F

New member
Mar 10, 2019
I just updated my samsung s8 to Android 9. All the apps are "full screen optimised" and the new Android does not let me turn off the full screen mode. They are not optimised since my games are not showing correctly anymore, parts of the game image are missing on the sides and gaming buttons moved. What to do now?


New member
Jul 24, 2019
@titusF Go to "Settings" , Then click on "Display" , Scroll down and you will find there "Fullscreen apps" click on it. After that select which games you want to remove Fullscreen from them.