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sd card issues


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May 30, 2014
I have a galaxy s4

First my complaints:

ever since samsung galaxy has gotten more popular, along with my phone carrier they stared implementing more gay policys on them so the consumer cant do what he or she wishes yet, consumers buy the device so it is their property and if they choose to flash the rom to out other distros of linux on it they shouldnt add crap to the firmware so the consumer gets [removed language by moderator]

I tried to move files from my s4 device to my sd card, i have plenty of space and lately it says failed to move. My sd card doesnt need to be reformatted, it reads fine.

Is it a DRM issue if so its frusturating
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Feb 23, 2011
If you're running Kit Kat now, you should read this:


Long story short, apps can no longer freely write to the SD card due to security issues, except for their own defined area. This does mean problems for file explorers. The only work around is either via a USB connection and using a computer, or root the phone and install a "fix". I'm no fan of this change either, but it is what it is. It's a Google forced change too, not the carrier or manufacturers.