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SD card working on PC but not in phone


AC Question

One day my phone just blocked. I restarted it and it showed me damaged SD card notification. I took SD and put it in my PC and it works just fine showing me all my files that I have on her. I did cleanup, defrag and chkdsk then put in back in to the phone. There was no notification about damage. I entered settings and opened storage where it displayed me my SD card and all that (free space, applications...) I tried to open apps on my SD but nope. It has that green android icon. Can't see my pics or my songs. Then I tried to open display list of apps on SD and my phone just blocked. Again doing restart it displays my SD with all data about how much free space etc. And that's just it. Any solutions?

It is original Platinet 16gb SD card.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
That sounds as if the SD port in the phone is damaged. At any rate, it has to go to a repair shop to diagnose the problem.