Sent text messages... (& my battery sucks too)

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Am I missing a setting somewhere? On my first day, I would be able to see any sent texts from my watch listed in the conversation on my phone. Well, it was just a single doodle & single text sent to my mom. ūüėĀAnyways, since that message, I have not seen any of my sent-from-my-watch messages on my phone.
I cannot recall if I had an update that first night or not on the watch; the watch and my S9 are new to me as of Sunday & the S9 installed an update last night. (Today is day 3 in my posession)
I didn't see anyone else mention this issue so I'm thinking I'm blind and am missing a setting... any suggestions?
(& and to throw this out there, the battery life sucks! I've removed pre-installed apps and only use it to text, count steps, and tell time - start my day "est. 20hrs @ 97% charged" and get a notification to switch to power saving mode before I finish my drive home from work 10 hours later!)
Please help, it my first watch and I know I'm slightly crazy, but this is gonna make me crazy enough to qualify for the nut house!
Thanks is to all in advance!


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Jun 10, 2014
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Re: Sent text messages... (& my battery sucks too)

Okay, thread moved to that forum.

Welcome as a new member. :)

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