Stock email app problems


Jan 29, 2011
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Let me start off with I received my note 2 on release day and I absolutely love it!!!!!!

After about 2 weeks I started haveing problems with the stock email app. My emails wouldn't come in to my phone unless I hit the refresh button, having to check my phone to do that got kinda annoying after awhile. Sometimes even when I would hit refresh the icon in the top right corner would just spin and never update. I would delete the account and set it up again however I couldn't even load the account back in. So I switched to the Emoze app for email I didn't quite like it as it didn't sync with my account when I deleted emails they would remain in my inbox still.

When I first set up the phone I was given different account options for email providers Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, windows live as well as corporate and "others". I use AOL as my primary and Yahoo as secondary account. This morning I tried to load my AOL account again but the screen below is what I got with no options for AOL yahoo Hotmail or windows live.


I was able to set up both accounts through the "other" option but the "other" option doesn't allow for push email.

Can anyone help me get back the specific account options so I get the push email back. I prefer not to use an app for email.

Swyped from my Note II using.

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